Contemplation on A City That You Love So Much

This post hosts documentation of my piece “Contemplation on A City That You Love So Much.” This preliminary video will be replaced with the finished documentation once it is available.

“Contemplation…” is a composition for “Songs of Home Songs of Change” which is a sound art installation consisting of a sonified map of New Orleans with brass instrument highway system, and field recordings by New Orleans high school students.

Composition, keyboards, and brass by Jeffrey Albert
Brass by Hannah Benson-Kreiger and Jebney Lewis

Songs of Home Songs of Change by Jebney Lewis, Rick Snow, and Chris Staudinger
Video by Brent Joseph

Program Notes for “Contemplation on A City That You Love So Much”

When I was invited to compose for “Songs of Home Songs of Change,” I had a chance to see it in installation mode. Even though the piece is about the ideas of home and change, seeing the map of New Orleans in this form and thinking about change immediately brought my mind to New Orleans since August 2005. Painful destruction can lead to positive change, and I tend to be an optimist, so this piece trends towards optimism. These sounds are meant to provide a sonic basis for contemplation, not necessarily to guide the listener to a particular conclusion or thought. Allow these sounds to encourage your contemplation of a place you love.

Follow this link for some background on “Songs of Home Songs of Change.”

Link to youtube video.



Ris Bogdns

Ris Bogdns (mp3)

Ris Bogdns is based on sounds that were recorded in my front yard. The piece is a sonic exploration of how we interact with, manipulate, and ignore nature. The source sounds are presented in mildly manipulated, nearly destroyed, and virtually untouched ways. My hope is that these sounds may help us each make the personal effort to unscramble our surroundings.

Some of the tools used to compose this piece: Cecilia, Izotope RX-2 Advanced, ChucK, GRM Tools. It was assembled in Logic.

It was composed in October 2011. Please email Jeff and ask for a hi-res file if you would like to program the piece.

Electroacoustic Pieces from 2009 & 2010

i have nothing to say

i have nothing to say (mp3)

“i have nothing to say” was composed in the spring of 2010. The original source sounds for the piece are recordings of my children speaking. The title comes from one of the recordings, which is my daughter saying, “I have nothing to say.” The original three pieces of audio were granulated in Csound, and the melodies created in Csound were further manipulated in Sound Hack, Audacity and Logic. The piece was assembled in Logic.

Click here to download a zip file that contains the Csound files and the three audio files used to create this piece. All of the Csound files didn’t survive, but the .orc files are here.

Shell Game

Shell game (mp3)

I composed “Shell Game” in the fall of 2009. All of the sounds used in “Shell Game” are presentations or manipulations of recordings of me playing a conch shell. This piece was assembled in Logic. Some of the events were created with Cecilia or Spear.

Napkin Shreds

Napkin Shreds (mp3)

I composed “Napkin Shreds” in the spring of 2009. It combines synthesized sounds and samples from the Jeff Albert Quartet recording of “(It Could Have Been a) Napkin.” This piece was done entirely in Logic.

Jimbo and Ella Go For a Walk

Jimbo and Ella Go For a Walk (mp3)

“Jimbo and Ella Go For a Walk” was composed in the spring of 2009 as a class assignment. It was written in ChucK. Jimbo is Dr. James P. Walsh, a composer friend from whom I stole one of the ideas used in the piece, and Ella is my family’s miniature daschund whose collar jingle is heard in the piece.

Click here to download a zip file that contains all of the ChucK files and the one audio file used to create this piece. There is some randomization in the ChucK files, so each realization from the ChucK code will be slightly different. Place all of the files in the active directory and run “”.